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Community Life Day Event, December 23rd

Punished Gabe / Dec 18, 2016
Dancer's Palace has been all decked out for Life Day! Bring warm clothes, as there is now snow in the ballroom! The security system has been programmed to recognise flying snow or snowballs as NOT a threat (unless, of course, it detects an object within the snowball). All patrons are welcome to enjoy the snow in the ballroom and then warm up in front of any of the fireplaces in the ballroom, on the ballroom balconies and on the main balcony.

On Friday December 23rd, at 7pm server time, two hours before the start of the usual hosted Dancer's Palace event, all patrons past and current are invited to gather in the ballroom for a snowball fight! Bring your mitts and your snowball canons! Bring a friend! Bring an enemy to pelt snowballs at!

A reminder that all violence, other than throwing snowballs, will lead to the perpetrator being immediately frozen in the security system's stasis field and escorted out by security droids once released by the staff.


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