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Punished Gabe / May 25, 2016
For those of you who might be interested, this Saturday (May 28) at 7PM there is going to be an event held on the Begeren Colony forums' chat room. More detailed information can be found here, but basically it's going to be a race against time to stop the Star Fortress that's above Nar Shaddaa from destroying the Dancer's Palace and surrounding area. If you plan on participating, please comment so that we have a head count available for the event's organizers.
Punished Gabe / May 02, 2016
Personally I think it would be cool to go to, since this was the whole reason why we went dark after the Eternal Empire showed up. Not only that, but attending these things will help us interact with the rest of the RP community on BC better.

Here's a strawpoll regarding the event:

Information about the event is below.

Punished Gabe / Apr 10, 2016
Since it seems that the meeting with Vilinde isn't going to take place, I've decided to start Phase I of the guild's revitalization, which involves us changing some things up. However this does not mean we're moving away from the mercenary theme. That will stay. We're just changing some things around, nothing really too drastic.

I would like to thank Syn for helping me out with this and without further ado, here's a list of changes that we have:

-The ranks will be changed for the most part into something more understandable, however the Zhuantur and Zhuantur's blada ranks will stay the same.

-The addition of combat (tactical and assault), engineering, logistics, supply and medical departments that will be led by myself, Qunai, Thess, Izzy, and Syn respectively. There will be more departments, but for now these are what we'll be focusing on.

-More squads like Andy's will be added for each department, and will be added as we, god-willing, gain more members. The leaders of these squads will be hand picked by those within their departments.

-Recruitment will be handled by someone from the engineering department and myself and it will most likely stay in the same interview format as it was before.

Hopefully, this will go well, I plan to instate it soon, and if it goes well, then we can move on to Phase II of the revitalization, which will be the planning of events, in game and on the site, and other miscellaneous stuff.
Punished Gabe / Jan 27, 2016
I found simple way to earn the frameworks for our recently acquired Guild Ship. Basically we need to set up an ops group, go to a neutral planet like Tatooine or Hoth, stroll into the opposing faction's bases, and kill the unnamed commander NPCs located there. Each person participating in the op should receive an Encryption each time one of these NPCs is taken out. Those people can then donate the Encryption to the Guild Bank. Once we have enough, we can sell them and use the money to buy the frameworks! Doing this seems to be a lot cheaper and far less time consuming than grinding for Dark Project MK-1s. For those interested, here's a map showing where the NPCs are.
Punished Gabe / Jan 24, 2016
The Four Moons Mercenary Company officially has a guild ship!

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone who helped me scrape together the credits required to get this thing! But we're not in the clear just yet. We still have a lot of areas that I'd like to unlock, and that unfortunately means more credits are required. Yes, I know how hard that's going to be. That's why I plan on making another effort to revitalize the guild through recruitment. Not now, but eventually. Right now we have a few other things to worry about, and I'm going to need your help, because I sure as hell can't do this alone!
ThyssenKrupp / Dec 24, 2015

P.S. Chewie here would also like to let you all know that Administrator Krupp unfortunately found his stipend dry this morning. He had planned to get everyone who added him on Steam something this holiday season, but as a result of said stipend no longer having any sort of monetary value tied to it, that plan has failed. Do know though that he cherishes the friendship that you all have shown him over the years, and hopes that what's developed here on will last for countless lifetimes to come!
Punished Gabe / Dec 22, 2015
On December 26th, the guild Second Mass is doing a 100 million credit giveaway starting at 8:00 PM EST.

They'll be giving out 2 million credits per person, according to the representative I talked to. I'm definitely going, but I would like at least five other people (who are free that day) to come with me. That way we could get 10 million in total and put it towards the guild and towards the guild ship.

The stronghold's name where this is being held at, is Insane'sales Trade Emporium.
Punished Gabe / Sep 16, 2015
So as some of you may know, Metal Gear Solid V came out very recently. Now along with the main game, there's side ops, where basically you get to do shit like extract people, look for intel, rescue animals, etc.

What I was thinking, was maybe we could implement this into In-SWTOR stuff. Now, in MGS5, the side ops are done alone or with an AI-Controlled buddy, however if we were to do this in game, it would need to be in teams of four, at least.

I really want to do this, but I need people committed to it, this isn't going to be something like where we go into a Flashpoint and say we did shit, that's going to be something completely different and probably for training scenarios. This is going to be us RPing in the wild, strictly in game, and completing missions for various clients. (I might also put in a forum section for after-action reports, similar to how we, or rather those that were in it, did operation debriefings in theta company.)

If there's anything you want to add to this, feel free.